Antelope Tattoo Removal

When you want your tattoo removed in Antelope or its nearby towns and cities, you can visit the tattoo removal clinics within the vicinity and have your concern addressed. 

What is tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is a process that involves the removal of a tattoo. There are five tattoo removal methods known: salabrasion and dermabrasion, skin excision, Subcutaneous injections, tattoo removal cream, and laser tattoo removal.

The oldest among these methods is salabrasion which includes the abrasion of the dermis and epidermis of a salt-based solution. Dermabrasion is similar to salabrasion in the sense that it also causes skin abrasion. The only difference is the use of a mechanical rotating device to complete the process.

Skin excision removes the tattooed skin through surgery, while subcutaneous injection involves injecting a liquid substance to lighten the tattoo ink. Both processes are painful and could leave a scar on the skin.

Tattoo cream removal may be a non-painful option, but it only removes the ink superficially because it’s topical.

The most popular, effective, and efficient tattoo removal method is laser removal. The laser removes the tattoo, and the subsequent treatment replaces the collagen to restore the skin to its original state.

Who is it for?

It’s for people who want to get rid of their old tattoo. People are moved to get inked for a variety of reasons. However, studies reveal that over 20% of those who get tattooed regretted their decision and subsequently wished to reverse it. Apart from this 20%, 10% of the tattooed population wish to have their tattoos removed for other reasons except for regret.

The tattoo removal process is for these people. It allows them to start anew, whatever reason they have for removing their tattoo.

They can now have them erased when they want to move on from a hurtful past reminded by their tattoo. When they simply try out something new, they can also rely on this quick and easy procedure to give them the fresh start they need.

What are the benefits of tattoo removal?

The tattoo removal process offers a plethora of benefits. One of these benefits is the opportunity to start all over again. If you’re one of the many that regretted their decision to get inked, you don’t have to live with your decision for the rest of your life. Getting your tattoo removed is akin to a new opportunity for you to start your life with a clean slate. Without the scar, you won’t have to be reminded of that regrettable decision you made.

If you have outgrown your old tattoo design and want something that reflects your current disposition and perspective, tattoo removal offers you that chance to change your style and design preference. Since it’s safe, you don’t have to suffer adverse side effects just to materialize your wishes.

If you choose laser tattoo removal, one of the benefits you enjoy is that it’s safe and efficient. You don’t have to submit yourself to surgery, injection, or skin abrasion just to remove your tattoo. With the help of laser and collagen treatment, you say goodbye to your old tattoos. Plus, there will be no scars that would constantly remind you of what you already decided to erase.

How many sessions are there?

The extent of work that must be done and the duration of the removal process largely depends on

the color and size of the tattoo being erased. On average, it would take six to eight sessions to have a tattoo completely removed. However, if the tattoos you want to remove are dark-colored and more significant than standard tattoos, you might need to extend up to ten or more sessions.

How much does it cost?

Like the number of sessions, the cost of a tattoo removal job would vary depending on the ink color and tattoo size. Darker colored and larger tattoos require more time and effort to erase, so it makes sense that they also cost higher. On the other hand, light-colored and smaller tattoos get completely erased in under eight sessions, so they cost less than more complex ones. To get a more accurate estimation of the tattoo removal job, contact your tattoo removal center in Antelope.