Citrus Heights Tattoo Removal

Do you regret getting a tattoo? This circumstance arises for many people. Tattoos are on the rise, and more people regret getting them. According to research, one in five persons who have a tattoo desire to get it removed. Thankfully, there is a laser treatment that is a safe and effective tattoo removal procedure.

Here is everything you need to know if you want to say goodbye to your undesired tattoo at the Citrus Heights location.

What Is Tattoo Removal

Removing tattoos using laser treatment involves using powerful lasers which penetrate the skin. This light does not do any harm, but it induces vibration of tattoo pigment particles, creating heat that helps the color particles to break apart, which then allows the natural immune system to remove them.

There are other ways of removing a tattoo. Many procedures exist, including chemical peels, dermabrasion, and excision surgery to remove tattoos, but they are more invasive methods than laser treatment. Laser treatment is a popular choice in the Citrus Heights location.

The use of lasers has revolutionized tattoo removal. Laser treatment’s most significant selling point is the fact that it is not invasive. The lasers use intense energy that reaches under the skin, but there will be no harm to the skin surface. Laser treatment is a quick and effective method to resolve tattoo removal problems.

Tattoo Removal Pain and Recovery

Some discomfort is experienced during the laser treatment procedure. The pain is often compared to having a rubber band continuously slapped against the skin. It is possible to apply topical skin-numbing drugs. The majority of the time, people tolerate laser tattoo removal rather well.

The patient will have a wound to be taken care of after the procedure. Routine post-procedure wound care involves daily cleaning, use of antibiotic ointment, and a dressing until the wound has healed. Usually, full recovery will occur within five days after the procedure.

Who Can Have Tattoo Removal

You can get a tattoo removal if:

  • You experience allergic reactions
  • You no longer like the tattoo design
  • You are seeking new employment
  • You want to replace your tattoo with another.

Still, it would be best if you talk to your dermatologist and family doctor first to make sure you’re healthy enough to get the therapy without suffering adverse side effects.

For instance, people with psoriasis and eczema can find laser treatments painful and might develop itching because of the skin drying effect of the procedure.

Is Laser Treatment Safe?

Laser treatment, in a nutshell, is the safest and most effective tattoo removal procedure. Treating undesired tattoos with lasers means just targeting the ink, meaning the therapy is rather noninvasive.

Tattoo Removal Benefits

Laser treatment is noninvasive.

The laser treatment utilizes powerful lenses and light energy to break down the large ink particles into smaller units so the immune system can naturally eliminate them. It’s fast and highly accurate, and there won’t be any harm to the skin.

It works naturally with the body.

The body’s resources are used by laser technology to aid in tattoo removal. Breaking down the ink particles will induce a natural healing response in the body. The skin clears away the broken-down ink particles and will produce more elastic collagen and elastin during the healing process and

There is no scarring.

Your healthy skin cells will not be harmed by the laser light. Hence, there is less risk of scarring.

Laser treatment is the most successful tattoo removal method.

Many Citrus Heights residents who have undergone the surgery express no regrets in getting laser treatment to remove their tattoos.

How Many Sessions

The length of time it takes to notice your tattoo removal progress depends on your body’s response to the therapy. A tattoo must be removed in several sessions to fully fade away, but the effects accumulate with each session. It may take 5-10 sessions to remove the unwanted tattoo thoroughly.

Each session lasts for 10 minutes, though longer for bigger and more colorful tattoos. Also, each session is spaced six to eight weeks apart to give your body enough time to clear up the ink particles.

Tattoo Removal Costs

Tattoos have varying costs based on size, color, and location.

A 2017 survey conducted by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that the average cost per session is $401. Ten treatment sessions times $401 gives you a total of $7,800. Other dermatologists claim that the tattoo removal fee ranges from $200 to $400 for each session; the amount varies considerably depending on location.

To determine an accurate cost in Citrus Heights, schedule a consultation with a skin surgery center.

Tattoo Removal Skin Clinic at Citrus Heights

Tattoo removal is an expensive procedure, but there is no value in bargaining on this treatment; it’s not something you want to purchase below market value. Don’t just stroll into the spa down the block and get on the table for treatment. You run the danger of creating long-lasting harm to your skin.

Make sure to only consult with qualified dermatologists and skin surgery clinics in Citrus Heights with expertise in removing old and unwanted tattoos.