Fair Oaks Tattoo Removal

Every once in a while, there is someone out there who wants to get rid of their tattoos in Fair Oaks for several reasons. However, tattoo regret remains the top reason for tattoo removal among many people, among religious reasons, morality issues, and so on.

Back then, skincare clinics and aesthetic centers couldn’t offer tattoo removal to customers. However, thanks to the technological advancements in cosmetic science and aesthetics, everyone can now get tattoo removal with immediate and effective results.

This article will guide you on everything you should know about tattoo removal for Fair Oaks residents.

What is tattoo removal?

As the name suggests, tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that allows the patient’s tattoos to be removed through laser or any other means approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Laser tattoo removal in Fair Oaks remains to be the most popular choice among clients.

Tattoo marks are removed using Q-switched lasers, where the energy sent by the laser device heats the tattoo ink, leading to its eventual dissolution.

However, one thing you have to remember is that tattoo removal does not altogether remove the tattoo. It does completely lighten the tattoo not to be visible to the naked eye.

Who is it for?

The best candidates for tattoo removal in Fair Oaks are those who had tattoos done ages ago. Meaning, if you just had your tattoo last year and you want to remove it now through tattoo removal, it would take you much longer than the tattoo you had 21 years ago.

Also, tattoos that used black, dark brown, green, and blue ink would be removed much more manageable than other colors. Tattoo removal also works much easier if the skin color is a bit fairer compared to the others. Thus, those with darker skin tones would have a longer time undergoing tattoo removal sessions than those with lighter ones.

Benefits of Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal, the most prevalent method of tattoo removal in Fair Oaks, can help lighten the appearance of tattoos without causing much harm or danger to your skin. Apart from the redness, irritation, and discomfort that you might experience after the procedure, you will not encounter any side effects.

It also has minimal downtimes, meaning you can get your tattoo removed while going back to your everyday activities without any issues at all.

Costs of Tattoo Removal

The overall price of a single tattoo removal session depends on several factors, such as the size of the tattoo, its shape, the colors used, how long you had that tattoo, and many others. It also depends on your skincare clinic and the procedures you have to undergo for your tattoo removal in Fair Oaks.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has recommended that the national average cost for tattoo removal be $463. You can also consult your skincare clinic or aesthetic center to ask for specific price ranges, and most clinics come up with payment plans suited to their clients’ needs.

Unfortunately, most insurance carriers do not cover tattoo removal as it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

Frequency of Tattoo Removal Sessions

Of course, laser tattoo removals will not altogether remove your tattoo with just a single session. Tattoo removal sessions are usually done more than once, depending on several factors, such as your tattoo and your aesthetician’s recommendations.

Usually, tattoo removal sessions are spaced out between six to eight weeks from the first session, then another six to eight weeks apart. The spacing allows your skin to absorb the treatment and the tattoo ink to be dissolved by your bodily functions. Not having enough space between the tattoo removal sessions would cause your skin to be susceptible due to the laser treatment.

Our Takeaway

Tattoo removal in Fair Oaks is now achievable, thanks to laser tattoo removal. With this procedure, you can have your tattoos completely lightened in a few sessions without causing damage or harm to your skin or the skin surrounding it. Everything depends on your tattoos, though, so make sure to consult your aesthetician for proper treatment plans to achieve the best results for your tattoos. With laser technology, tattoo removal can be done to anyone who wants to get rid of their tattoos as quickly as it can be.