Folsom Tattoo Removal

Can You Completely Remove a Tattoo?

Tattoo removal is the process that removes a tattoo from the skin. When done in a sterile, clean, safe, and professional environment, current laser tech can wipe out almost any pigment. But depending on several factors, the result may vary.

To fully understand why that is, here is some information about the most efficient technique: laser treatment. As someone who removes tattoos in Folsom, I can attest that using a Q-Switched laser changed the way experts removed tattoos. The laser targets different colors with varying wavelengths. As a result, the ink suspended in the skin breaks apart, and the body can dispose of it.

The healing process can take a while. But mainly, the tattoo size and colors influence the number of sessions necessary to remove it. Plus, amateur tattoos may be harder to remove because of the type of ink. All these factors lead to a recovery that can take up to 8 weeks.

Does Tattoo Removal Work for Everyone?

Generally speaking, tattoo removal is available for most tattoos. If you are wondering if it hurts, then yes. It stings. But the nice thing about tattoo removal is that it is so fast that removing a small, linear tattoo takes literally a couple of seconds.

Sometimes, people do not like their tattoos from day one. As soon as the tattoo artist finishes the job, they might look at themselves in the mirror and feel their heart sank. Other times people just do not speak up and end up with a tattoo that does not reflect what they had in mind. From this point of view, everyone can turn to a specialist to erase the wrong tribal or piece. Of course, you may have to wait for the new tattoo to heal first.

Once the laser is off the skin, the pain goes away fast. Although there are different types of lasers and other procedures to remove tattoos, here at Folsom, we only use the safest equipment. Making sure that the technique fits the client’s needs is what ultimately makes the difference. So, to repeat, it is up to the professional to explain what the client can achieve before undergoing the treatment.

Benefits of Removing Unwanted Tattoos

Until the early 1990s, the standard modality for tattoo removal was way more painful. Most clients’ bodies would sore for weeks after the treatments. So, the main benefit of current laser tech is that it is easy, quick, and less painful. Also, it is affordable.

From the client’s perspective, the following is true:

  • The specialist will give you clear expectations of the entire process. In other words, you will know the result before you decide to proceed with the treatment.
  • Even though the laser may not get rid of certain colors, the procedure may clear most of them. You can still request a cover-up tattoo later and wait until the technology gets better.
  • Your body may blister and look gruesome. But if you keep the area clean, the blisters will dissipate on their own incredibly fast.
  • Often, plain black tattoos do not blister. They may look red for a couple of days. But usually, there is no drying or peeling, letting you see the tattoo fading over the next six to eight weeks.

How Many Sessions Does It Take to Remove a Tattoo?

The number of sessions depends on the tattoo complexity. For example, a tattoo on your upper arm may need eight sessions. The most complex tattoos may require twelve or more appointments. But in the end, it also depends on how the previous sessions turn out. So, the more the old tattoo fades away, the fewer the sessions.

Each session is quick. Usually, it only takes minutes. In the previous example, removing a tattoo on an upper arm may take less than 10 minutes. For clarity, the first session is the least painful. It may feel like someone is slapping you with a rubber band repeatedly. After that, the specialist will amp up the laser intensity and proceed accordingly, depending on how well your skin reacts.

The sessions will be spaced for at least three months for larger tattoos. You will also discuss the aftercare with your laser professional. So, in the meantime, you only have to let your body heal.

How Much Does It Cost per Session To Remove a Tattoo In Folsom, CA?

Laser tattoo removal costs start at approximately $100 per session for small tattoos. A large one may cost more than $500 per session here in Folsom. You will find out how much you may have to pay after a thorough inspection.