Granite Bay Tattoo Removal

Have you decided to get rid of the tattoo? Naturally, progress does not stand still, and today we have a choice. There are several ways to remove a boring picture.

We are not considering the option of overlapping one tattoo with another. If you do not wish yourself harm, health and skin problems, infections, and scars – there is an option for you at Granite Bay.

Laser tattoo removal offers a quality result without side effects. The procedure is simple: a ray of light penetrates the skin layer and destroys the pigment. In this case, you avoid damage to the skin, as the laser acts selectively, without destroying the skin tissue.

Of course, you will not get rid of a tattoo with a laser just in one session. This process is lengthy. However, by choosing a high-quality laser, a good master, and a salon in Granite Bay, you will definitely avoid the risk of side effects. It is important to understand that removing a tattoo is no less important a question than applying it.

Who needs a tattoo removal procedure?

The number of people who decide to get a tattoo in Granite Bay is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is obvious that at the same time the number of those who want to remove it is growing. Many people are not satisfied with the look of a tattoo.

There can be many reasons why a person might want to do this. With the advent of tattoos, the problem of loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles is aggravated. Most often, name tattoos are removed. There are many cases of people getting their tattoos removed due to problems finding a job.

Who is NOT suitable for laser tattoo removal?

First of all, the contraindications are the same as for tattoos: skin diseases, epilepsy, excessive scarring, oncology, diabetes, diseases, and so on. If you are one of those people who got a tattoo contrary to health peculiarities, and now want to remove it, think a few times before going on a rather complicated procedure. Ask yourself: is it worth your health?

What about temporary contraindications?

The procedure should be postponed for those who have various infections, inflammations, and injuries on the skin at the site of the intended removal, as well as those who take a certain group of drugs. Of course, if you are undergoing treatment, you need to consult your doctor.

What are the advantages of the technique?

The obvious advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it is available to everyone. Previously, when laser equipment was not available, the old tattoo was overlaid with light, camouflage pigment, or paint shades. But this procedure had several disadvantages. This is the painfulness of the laser tattoo removal procedure, and the difference in colors on the skin after sunburn, and much more.

Now, the use of this technique allows you to permanently get rid of the ill-fated pattern and achieve the purity of the skin without any restrictions and inconveniences. We would like to note that laser removal of the tattooing of eyebrows and other areas has significant additional advantages. More about them here:

Advantages of laser tattoo removal

  1. Laser removal of permanent makeup and tattoos is the most effective way to remove pigment. The neodymium laser allows you to remove pigment with an efficiency of up to 98% even in very difficult situations (for example, the tattoo is very old, the pigment is injected deeply, etc.), which is considered an impeccable result due to almost completely clean skin.
  2. Removal of tattoos is safe, non-traumatic, minimally invasive, does not require long-term skin restoration. Moreover, the process of restoring the skin requires minimal effort.
  3. Laser correction has a small list of contraindications.
  4. The procedure is completely painless, the laser beam does not affect the hair follicle, preserves its healthy and natural growth. Therefore, laser eyebrow tattoo removal guarantees the preservation of natural hairs and their further growth.
  5. Removal of tattoos takes place very quickly – a few minutes. During this time, the client feels only discomfort or minor pain.

How many sessions will it take to completely remove a tattoo?

As mentioned above, the speed of tattoo removal depends on many factors. One session is not enough for complete tattoo removal. The exact number of procedures will help your laser removal master determine. On average, tattoo removal can take 2 to 10 sessions. The interval between sessions of 30 days must be observed, during which time the cells in which the pigment was located are regenerated, and the destroyed pigment is completely removed from the body. With each session, the color pigment will gradually dissolve in the skin.