Rancho Cordova Tattoo Removal

Everyone gets a tattoo with the intention to keep it for life. Anyone considering getting a tattoo already understands that it is a lifelong choice. However, no matter how fantastic your tattoo concept is, you may one day wake up to discover that it is not working with you anymore.

The good news is that… Tattoos are pretty permanent, but the belief that they remain forever is inaccurate. If you’ve outgrown the tattoo you received when you were younger, or regret putting your ex’s name on your skin, or if you think the art doesn’t speak of you anymore, you can make sure that they’re gone for good with tattoo removal.

What Is Tattoo Removal

There are several ways to remove a tattoo, including chemical peels, dermabrasion, and surgical excisions. These methods are aggressive and invasive; hence, the most commonly-used method is laser treatment.

Tattoo removal using lasers is the most preferred method nowadays. Tattoos are made up of a large number of tiny tattoo ink particles that are embedded in the skin. Most of the time, the natural human immune system rids the skin of tiny foreign particles. However, ink particles in a tattoo are too large to be erased by this process; therefore, they are on the skin to stay. Lasers are useful in helping to break up these particles, which the immune system may then eliminate.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

Descriptions of pain one feels during laser treatments vary. Some state that getting a tattoo removes feels the same as obtaining one, while some explain that the pain is a similar feeling to getting hit snapped with a rubber band.

Depending on the location of the tattoo, and your pain tolerance, you may want to utilize some type of anesthesia such as a topical cream or local injection.

Who Can Have Tattoo Removal

The choice to erase tattoos can be due to a wide range of social, cultural, and physical life changes:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Regrets about the tattoo design
  • Seeking new employment
  • Replacing the tattoo with another

Tattoo Removal Benefits

Tattoo removal is an effective and safe process.

FDA-approved lasers employ a safe, easy, and effective tattoo removal procedure. It successfully decreases the look of tattoo ink without producing long-term side effects on the skin. The treatment causes minimum damage and has no adverse side effects.

Only requires minimal recovery.

Infection is unlikely, though minor side effects have been observed following therapy, none are adverse. Patients will need to apply sunscreen to the treated region for the first few days after treatment to help prevent the skin from sunburn. The potential for scarring is low.

It works with any size.

Laser removal works for tattoos of all sizes. As far as the bodily surface area that can be treated is concerned, there is no limit. At every skin surface, laser tattoo removal has shown success in removing ink.

Patient satisfaction is high.

Approximately 11% of tattooed persons will seek removal, and approximately 70% of these individuals are women. Most people who’ve had the procedure are glad to have their tattoos removed, and many say they have no regrets.

How Many Sessions Does Tattoo Removal Require?

Getting a tattoo completely removed requires multiple laser treatment sessions for the color particles in the tattoo to be reduced in size for the immune system to eliminate them. Not all of the tattoo ink can be broken in one treatment session; laser tattoo removal takes repeated sessions. It may take 5-10 laser sessions to remove a tattoo.

The age, size, color, and quality of the tattoo will determine how many laser treatments it takes to erase the ink. Certain colors pigments are more difficult to remove than others, and for some colors, complete removal may not be achievable.

To allow healing between sessions, a six-week time interval should exist between each laser treatment.

Tattoo Removal Costs

The cost of getting a tattoo varies depending on several factors, including how large the tattoo is, how colorful it is, and where you reside. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimates tattoo removal costs at $463 a session. Others put the average price at $200-$400 each session, varying greatly based on location. To determine an accurate cost in Rancho Cordova, schedule a consultation with a skin surgery center.

Almost always, people choose to have tattoos removed as a personal decision. This makes it cosmetic surgery. Unless medically necessary, insurance companies won’t pay for tattoo removal.

Find a qualified dermatologist or skin surgery clinic with experts in laser treatment in Rancho Cordova to guarantee that you get proper laser removal and care.