West Sacramento Tattoo Removal

A tattoo is forever… or is it?

The truth is that recent innovations in health care technology have presented us with new options for safely and effectively eliminating tattoos. While most people go into getting body art with the intention of lifetime commitment, the truth is that many tattoo owners will eventually tire of their ink. If you’re considering tattoo removal, read on for the basics about this amazing medical procedure.

As the availability of tattoo removal equipment and staff training has increased, so has the availability of this service. You’ll find clinics all over the nation, including in West Sacramento. Read on for all the info about the tattoo removal process.

Before we get into the removal process, we should first discuss what a tattoo is, and how it works. A tattoo is a permanent image in the skin, that is injected with several needles. The ink sits in the second layer of skin, where the larger particles of ink stay, adding the color into the skin.

Other ink particles will eventually be resorbed into the body. Once a tattoo has healed, the ink remains a permanent part of that layer of skin. Tattoos fade over time primarily as a result of the aging or sun damage of the top layer of skin that covers them.

What is Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a medical process that uses various types of targeted laser treatment to break down the tattoo’s pigments. The pulses of light energy from the laser device heat up the skin (to a safe degree) and penetrate into the ink. The heat produced is absorbed into the tattoo ink, which causes the pigment to burst open, leaving only tiny particles which the body can easily resorb.

Tattoo removal is a medical procedure, which requires specific training and equipment, as well as a strong understanding of laser treatment. There are several different types of lasers, frequencies and heats, and treatment must be tailored to the individual patient. Different types of lasers are better suited to different ink colors and skin types; therefore, choosing the most skilled tattoo removal clinic in West Sacramento is of the utmost importance.

Who is a Candidate for Tattoo Removal

Anyone with a tattoo, who does not have a medical or dermatological condition that excludes the use of lasers, is a candidate for laser tattoo removal. That said, some tattoos are easier to remove than others. As mentioned above, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for removing tattoos.

Treatment must be tailored to the size and color of the tattoo, as well as skin coloring and condition. In general, individuals with fair skin and very dark tattoos are the easiest to treat, owing to the substantial differences between the color of the skin and the ink. It’s simply easier to gauge progress and adjust settings as needed. However, anyone can have a tattoo removed; darker skin tones may require additional sessions or adjustments to treatment.

What are the Benefits of Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal has given many individuals a serious confidence boost. Investing in tattoo removal can have positive effects on mental health, and even improve one’s prospects in the job market or in other areas of life where tattoos are not as readily accepted. The majority of individuals who have undergone tattoo removal are happy with the results. As technology continues to improve, so does the ability to fully remove even the most stubborn ink with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.

What is the Cost of Tattoo Removal

This is a difficult question to answer, owing to the myriad factors that go into designing a removal treatment plan. In general, one may expect to pay anywhere between $200-700 for a tattoo removal session. Keep in mind that most tattoos, particularly large ones, may take several sessions to remove. A doctor or clinician can give you an idea of the total cost and number of sessions necessary during an initial consultation. Obviously, the smaller the tattoo, the less sessions.

Larger tattoos, and particularly those that include the lighter colors – pale or pastel colors, yellows or oranges – are more difficult to remove than tattoos with darker inks. It may seem counterintuitive, but many patients are surprised at how quickly black, darker green or blue and dark brown tattoos seem to fade.

While tattoo removal is an investment of time and money, the vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results and would do it over again given the opportunity.